offensive word with the equivalent definition of the word "nigger" in english insulting the african american people
Maak dat je weg bent vuile nikker! = Get the hell outa here you dirty nigger
by Boeckx August 23, 2006
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Means "nods" in Danish.
Derives from "at nikke", meaning "to nod".
Dronningen nikker også.

The queen nods as well.
by Xalar June 22, 2009
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Often mistaken for the word Nigger, Nikker means quite the opposite. Derived from the words, Nice and Nigger. This word (Founded after the American Civil War in the late 1800's by northern whites) actually means "Nice, Well-Dressed Black Man". However in recent years, It has been misused by white teenagers to get away with calling blacks Niggers.
Black Man: Sir, I finished with all them there papers.
Northern White Man: Good job you nikker!

White Teen: Hey you! Nigger!
Black Teen: What did you call me?!
White Teen: I said nikker!
by TheUnicornAgenda April 4, 2010
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Black Person: SUP CRACKA
Black Person: ...*whips a gun and caps him*
by Mugga Mugson March 4, 2008
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