Mea is one of the best friends you could ever ask for. She is polite, funny, and always there for you. She can cheer you up no matter how sad you are and always has the best stories to tell. She’s a bit of an old soul and that’s one of the best things about her. If you know a Mea, keep her in your life.
Mea was there for me when no one else was. She’s a special one.
by That one giraffe November 2, 2020
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Mea is a Beautiful Girl with a unique personality She’s is the Girl of your Dreams. She deserves the world. She is the type of Girl who is very pretty, Beautiful Body, Has Beautiful Glowing eyes, she’s jus such a gorgeous Girl. She can be a bit insecure about herself but doesn’t let it be known She is Very Loving and Sweet. When you first meet Mea she can be a bit Shy. Not much of a people’s person but if you get to know her and she likes you she’s very open. She is a Thinker, Shes Smart and also Very Creative Mea she’s such a Talented person. Mea is a crazy girl but she is also funny. Mea is the Best Girl to Snuggle with. She Loves to Listen to music and watch movies, and Hangout she likes doing Fun stuff. Mea is bit of and old soul. Mea is Always Loyal and Cares deeply about everyone. She is a very loyal person in relationships. She is also very trustworthy. Mea is very supportive about you no matter what. She will always be there for you through thick and thin. Mea is a Girl that will always have a Smile on her face. She will always make you smile and laugh. If you have a Good Relationship with your lucky If you Ever have a Mea in your life your Blessed your the luckiest. Don’t Ever Lose Her.
by BbGirls1221 November 22, 2021
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A very clumsy, awkward person. Always has a smile and cheering people up. She's always there when you need her. Very humorous!
Mea is always there when you need her
by Minsbrazil April 9, 2015
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A mea is a girl that you think of as a friend at first but then you love them because they are perfect and so nice, funny and cute but then you confess feelings toward mea and she rejects you but easily and you regret everything in life then want to die
Person: I love you mea
Mea: ummmm ok
by Pepeismylordandsavior March 9, 2017
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Its the name you hear when you scream the name Mia outloud without thinking.
Person 1: Mea get over here!

Person 2: My name isnt Mea its Mia!

Person 1: I said that!

Person 2: Um, no you didn't!
by Awesomegrly11 December 27, 2011
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-an indeference
-a word used when you don't want to reply to someone in a straight up answer
"0:) Mea, I don't care..."
".... .... ....Mea.... .... ..."
by the instigator June 10, 2004
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A word used in Belfast. Mea means mum or mam or mummy
How’s ur mea doing?

Aw good lv

Tell her I was asking about her sure

A will
by Irish gall🇮🇪 July 26, 2019
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