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A mea is a girl that you think of as a friend at first but then you love them because they are perfect and so nice, funny and cute but then you confess feelings toward mea and she rejects you but easily and you regret everything in life then want to die
Person: I love you mea
Mea: ummmm ok
by Pepeismylordandsavior March 08, 2017
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by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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A very clumsy, awkward person. Always has a smile and cheering people up. She's always there when you need her. Very humorous!
Mea is always there when you need her
by Minsbrazil April 08, 2015
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I am a Mea. I should know. And btw it’s Mea not Mia. And I’m very clumsy. I’m very quiet unless I’m being obnoxious around my friends or I get mad. I’m very funny when I want to be and try my best to make people laugh. Im very honest most the time. I’m very emotional over anything that even has a sad song or anything sad in it at all. Anytime I text a guy for awhile they say they they like me and I’m stupid enough to date them and get my heart confused and broken. Your welcome.
Grandma “Mea did I just hear you drop that glass?”

Mea “Noooooo.......”

Grandma *comes into kitchen* “ What the fuck Mea you broke a glass last week”

Mea “But this time I didn’t mean too.”
by I am Someone you may know.... January 29, 2019
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The unequivocal yearning for a significant other

that is only quelled by the knowledge that in short

order a reconciliation will bring life back to each other.
Sometimes referred to as multiple emotions abundance syndrome in Erob theology.
Erin: Holy minerals my meas is acting up.
Rob: I know! this is some powerful ish!
Erin: Its cool tho chief, cuz the cures' around the corner
by bloktacooooo October 29, 2010
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1. A person that is always happy and forces other people to be happy against their will.

2. A person that has way too much energy and happiness in the morning.
3. A person that makes your life harder.
4. A person that does not know how to plug things into electrical sockets. At all.
5. A person that is friends with people named Grace.
1. Damn, I was being sad and she had to come along an ruin it. What a Me'a!
2. Ugh, it's too early! She's such a Me'a.
3. My cousin is a total Me'a because she always tries to make me less gloomy when I'm having a nice time being sullen.
4. Dammit! Stop being a Me'a and just plug it in!
5. She's a Me'a 'cause she's friends with that Grace.
by ThatOnePersonOverThere9998 April 23, 2013
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Its the name you hear when you scream the name Mia outloud without thinking.
Person 1: Mea get over here!

Person 2: My name isnt Mea its Mia!

Person 1: I said that!

Person 2: Um, no you didn't!
by Awesomegrly11 December 27, 2010
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