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Just a guy with a complete lack any sense of
odor or any
hygiene. He
not only smells bad but he also
makes those who
choose to hang around him smell bad.
Many will
argue where
his almost divine ability to smell
odorous comes from but none will argue of how
noxious the smell is.

Note* The usage of the phrase "poopman" will generally cause a redundant exchange consisting of the following:
Person A: Yo poopman!

Person B: Whatchu call me?

Person A: POOPMAN!

Person B: Shut yo mouth poopman!

Person A: No, you da poopman.

Person B: No, YOU da poopman.

Person A: I have class in fifteen minutes. How about we go for another five?

Person B: Fine with me. Poopman.

Person A: Shut up poopman.

by mcmahoj March 31, 2009
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