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a stupid meth head who thinks he is smarter than everyone else but is actually stupid as fuck, this faggot even hits on someone who is out of his fucking league like just fucking image a disease riddled man trying he woo a super model. Fucking hell.
Person 1 "Is that a meth head?"
Person 2 "No, that's Preston
Person 1 "Same thing!"
by Frixion fred March 7, 2019
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True asian. Dismisses other asians. Very smart but not as good as sports as he thinks. an asian who wants to destroy his whole race. His insults are "i will destroy your whole race" and "don't touch me you gay"
Person 1:"Bill, where do you want to go"
Bill:"Your not asian so go away"
by Frixion fred March 15, 2019
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Usually the smartest asian in the class, would always sell his asian food on the blackmarket if he didn't like it. Maths and martial arts are second nature to this god of a man. Would roast the shit out of retards and autistic faggots who don't follow.
Person 1:"Is that Tanath?"
Tanath:"Get in the retard chamber"
by Frixion fred March 15, 2019
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The largest man on the planet. The origin of all the fat jokes ever created. Legends surrounds him and his stomach. Some say that his stomach stores the universe and others call him a fatass.
Look it the fatman Ronan
by Frixion fred March 4, 2019
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Funny guy with smart ideas but has fucked up teeth. Also a ranga so be careful. Liberals beware
Atticus:"Liberals are gay"
Liberals: die

Atticus and Ben Shapiro hi five
by Frixion fred March 15, 2019
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