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Baz Pitch is a highly flammable Vampire from a disgustingly rich or mages. Baz lost his mother when he was child, on the same day he was bitten. Baz does not drain humans, although he is not opposed to draining cats, polo ponies, rats, deer and unicorns.

Baz's boyfriend is Simon Snow.

Baz hates amount other things, the sun, the wind, America, Kansas, Illinois and Penelope Bunce when she hasn't got a plan.
Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch is a character a series of books by Rainbow Rowell.
1. An amazing, fairly inexpensive roller skate compared to other models.
2. A band.
3. A hot babe who hangs out on the beach and isn't afraid of going for a swim.
A: Damn boy, your beach bunny action be pop'n!
B: Snap Crackle!
by Friendly neighborhood cat April 16, 2021
Simon is traumatized by, his horrible up bringing in children's homes, every event he got tangled up in as the result of being a magical nuclear reactor, as well as finding out (spoilers) that he has been draining the magic from the world everytime he does a spell or goes off.

Simon is wonderful and deserves so much better than he has ever gotten, or let himself have. Simon loves Baz, but doesn't believe he is good enough for Baz.

Although Simon deserves better, he should not be treated like a helpless baby, because he is infact a capable "adult."

Simon's favorite food is butter, he also love sour cherry scones and roast beef.
"Simon Snow, it hurts to look at you when you're this happy. And it hurts to look at your when your depressed."

Person1: Why are you crying?
Person2: I'm thinking about Simon snow.
Mona is... Interesting to say the least, she can be annoying at times, but only because she is socially awkward. Mona cares alot... About what others think of her. She is very sensitive, and has terrible mental health, to no fault of her own. But seriously, she is super nice, and a great friend, even though she isn't good at keeping secrets. (Trust me never tell her anything)
Howdy there is that Homer's mom?
Yeah that's mona.
A pass which allows straight people to say fag.
This can be given and taken away by any gay person.
Person 1: haha! That guy was kind of a fag.
Person 2: woah, dude why the fuck did you say that?
Person 1: it's ok, I have a fag pass.
Person 2: oh, well in that case... I revoke you pass mother fucker!!
Person 1: Hoe you can't do that!
Person 2: BITCH IM GAY!!
by Friendly neighborhood cat February 27, 2020