Simon is traumatized by, his horrible up bringing in children's homes, every event he got tangled up in as the result of being a magical nuclear reactor, as well as finding out (spoilers) that he has been draining the magic from the world everytime he does a spell or goes off.

Simon is wonderful and deserves so much better than he has ever gotten, or let himself have. Simon loves Baz, but doesn't believe he is good enough for Baz.

Although Simon deserves better, he should not be treated like a helpless baby, because he is infact a capable "adult."

Simon's favorite food is butter, he also love sour cherry scones and roast beef.
"Simon Snow, it hurts to look at you when you're this happy. And it hurts to look at your when your depressed."

Person1: Why are you crying?
Person2: I'm thinking about Simon snow.
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