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Baz is a genuine usually gorgeous man that has good intentions. Loyal to those who are honest and always gives good advice. Doesn't have good luck with females
Man he reminds me of Baz!
I thought Baz was gonna be charming!
by YungPharoah April 4, 2017
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Meaning shite. Baz is short for 'Barry' which in turn is short for 'Barry White'. 'Barry White' is rhyming slang for shite.
I really need a Baz
by Dr Dazzy B May 18, 2011
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Frosty Jack's cider in 3 litre bottles, however can occasionally be used for different sizes and brands.
Jacob: are you smashing a baz tonight Terry?
Terry: no because I'm a pussy
by ryanbayleyisacunt December 8, 2012
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A common name for a variable used in programming examples or exercises. It ranks third in popularity after "foo" and "bar", respectively. In fact, it is generally only used when a third variable is needed for the exercise (i.e. foo and bar have already been used).
An exercise in pointers:
int foo;
int * bar = &foo;
int ** baz = &bar;

// (*baz == bar) now evaluates to true
by CSgnome October 15, 2004
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a verb meaning to vomit, or a noun meaning the substance that is ejected during the act of vomiting.
"I was on the bus and i was about to baz, I couldn't hold it in so i bazzed in my handbag" or: "Careful you don't stand in that baz" or: "Archibald, someone's bazzed in the corner, can you clean it up please?"
by Ali & Helen March 23, 2008
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Slippery, icky substance found on the floors of greengrocers
This floor is covered in Baz.

Don't slip on the Baz!

Avoid getting Baz on your floor - use Shake n vac!
by Elbonio October 14, 2004
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Incredibly beautiful mr Baz is a really slutty bitch that loves to do things hard. His eyes are full of love ❤️ he's a truely brace guy and ready to give his love to all people in this world. He's nicknames are different: bazik, baz-karabaz and so on
BAZ is love BAZ is life
by Bazlover May 19, 2017
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