14 definitions by Fred Riahi

The use of opiates to deal with pain, feelings of emptiness, or other problems that arise in life.
by Fred Riahi June 12, 2006
Used to describe a handjob technique in which the female lacks knowledge and believes that manhandling your penis will result in pleasure.
She had no idea what she was doing, she was jerkin me off so hard last night, I thought I was cumming blood.
by Fred Riahi May 3, 2006
Any relationship where the other party could care less if their partner drives a Honda Accord Ex or a Cl65 Amg.
A Honda Accord romance is true love without materialistic distractions.
by Fred Riahi February 10, 2006
The feeling of losing sobriety due to a mixture of energy drink consumption and sleep deprivation.
We were energy drunk and we couldn't stop laughing for no reason at 4 am on a sunday morning.
by Fred Riahi June 10, 2006
When you drop places you've been to in order to make yourself look good. Similar to name dropping.
Name dropping is far too blatant, when you place drop it has the same effect but comes off subtly. "I was at over at the hyde last night, it was fun."
by Fred Riahi November 6, 2006
When someone is so horny that they really need a good fuck. Mainly used by females.
After I broke my vibrator, I've been crawling the walls every night waiting for my man to get home.
by Fred Riahi May 22, 2006
I've finally given up smoking, Nicola O'Teen was such a bitch to get away from.
by Fred Riahi May 11, 2006