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a name given to someone who acts like a complete tool
Walking up to a teacher and telling them you are a tool, ultimately makes you a cockspank
by fred August 05, 2003
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An extremely dim-witted or outwardly asinine person.
Dude, that clown is a total cock spank!
by Callum Mako April 10, 2004
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to slap or spank someone with your penis across the face.
Last night, Scott Cock spanked me!
by CoCoa March 16, 2005
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the word cockspank means that you whip out your cock and walk up to a somebody and hit them with your penis
i cockspanked that gangster and pulled out his and said it was smaller
by <AnDy> <3E> <HaJeK> November 24, 2004
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