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A play on the acronymn for: "By the way" It's the same as "BTW", in other words, it's another way of throwing the English language down the shitter for more efficient internet chat purposes.
BT Dubs, formal English is so last century.
by Francois1980 January 23, 2009

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The act of defecating or urinating in a bathtub. The act is typically paired with intoxication and generally results from apathy or else long waits for the toilet.
Dammit Andy, you pulled the Nevada Tub Thump again? Was it number 1 or number 2? Terrible.... just terrible.
by Francois1980 March 26, 2009

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The act of taking a shit in someone else's bathroom, not flushing, and waiting for the victim to follow the smell to the source of the problem.
After consuming 3 cheesesteaks, Bill hit the bachelor's bathroom with a huge Philadephia Deposit. The bachelor then followed the smell to the source of the problem and realized he had been the victim of a Philadelphia deposit. He immediately flushed the toilet, but the smell had already defused throughout the hotel room.
by Francois1980 January 20, 2009

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To disappear from a drinking event without anyone noticing, and then return to home.

The behavior is sometimes a response to shame from not being able to hang with the big boys and girls.

In some instances the behavior is the result of such a drunken level of stupor that the individual turns on his or her Lassie instincts and finds his or her way home like a K9.
To Squirrel

Mike: Where the fuck did Amir go?
General Consensus: I have no idea!
Mike: Damn it! Amir squirreled again!
by Francois1980 February 27, 2009

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A situation in which an individual feels matter move extremely fast through his or her lower intestines with a loud gurgling sound. The signal implies that the individual has less than 2 minutes to find a toilet or else he or she will shit their paints in an explosive manner.
I just felt the hammer drop. If I don’t shred some porcelain now, I’m going to mess my pants!

Did you hear my hammer drop? It looks like have to run. It is time to paint the back of the toilet bowl!
by Francois1980 February 27, 2009

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When one person is showering, the other person takes a dump in the bathroom causing extreme difusion and steaming them out of the shower.
Shelly is showering and Johnny just gave her a Seattle Steamer. She is very upset as she is no longer clean.
by Francois1980 January 01, 2009

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Frullet is the reverse of "Mullet". It is a fashionable hairstyle in which the hair in front is significantly longer than the hair in back. This should be considered as a "Front Mullet" or a Frullet.

Fullet a ground-breaking concept celebrated by trendy women and female punk rockers. It is the only concept that has brought the two paradigms closer together other than anatomy (i.e. the uterus).

Gina's Frullet is so spectacular that the girl can't see two feet in front of her. Her forehead sweats while she gets frostbite on the back of her head. Bitchin.....!
by Francois1980 April 24, 2009

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