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A girl with a huge ass that can take multiple penises.
Jenna is such a banana bus, we should go party with her tonight.
by francois m February 14, 2008

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Making and evil plan and executing it.
In this fight we must be bartesque and we will win
by Francois M February 22, 2005

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Noun: Is used to describe a very sexy stomach on a pretty woman, when a man wants to cum all over her stomach.
Man did you see Crystal? She's got a nice cum tummy. I'd bang her all night.
by francois m January 01, 2008

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A bitch that pissed you off! A less offensive version of the word Cunt.
Did you talk to Heather recently? She's a tool bucket.
by francois m January 01, 2008

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A feisty black cat
I was driving and saw Kilcher today.
by Francois M January 25, 2004

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a fag, gay douchebag asshole idiot
xJaGGox is a fag douchebag
by Francois M August 27, 2008

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A Bacardi Rhum drink made qith spearmint leaves, rhum, fizz water and ice
Bartender, gimme a mojito...and yeah I ain't gay but I like my mojito.
by Francois M June 28, 2005

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