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Spanish for "And all" or "And everything". Often used by George Lopez on the George Lopez show.
I got the car with the radio y todo.
by Fraknor April 13, 2008
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When someone is addicted to using their telephone. It could also be used as a word to describe what someone is doing.
Joe is such a telesexual. All he ever does is talk on his phone.

Guy 1: Where is Joe?

Guy 2: Oh, Joe? He's off being telesexual.
by Fraknor April 13, 2008
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A substitute for "bullshit". Generally used when a teacher asks you what you said, after saying bullshit.
Kid: "Man, that's total bullshit."

Teacher: "What did you say?!"

Kid: "Oh, sorry ma'am. I said "bullship." Y'know, a ship that carries bulls overseas?"

by Fraknor May 19, 2008
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A shortened form of Click Drag and Drop
Guy 1: how do I put that document into the documents folder?

Guy 2: Oh, just CD&D.
by Fraknor July 17, 2008
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