Last name usually used for a Finnish family, the person with this last name often gives zero shits and has a bland personality at first. Can be dry when texting. Avoid at all costs. Unless you magically get close with them, you're often wasting your time. Arm Fetish's galore.
I told Stefan Aalto how my grandma died in a house fire, he snorted her ashes and gave zero shits.
by 2InchPounder August 2, 2020
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Saara Aalto represented finland in the 2018 eurovision and also lost the british X factor
Girl 1: omg did you see Finland's Eurovision entry in 2018
Girl 2:omg yes, wasn't that saara aalto from the x factor in England who sung it?
Girl 1:omg yes
by Eurogimp2004 September 25, 2018
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A Finnish last name. These people are often fun to be around when befriended and can offer great company, beware as the cost of it is your sanity and intelligence. They don’t give two flying fucks about your problems unless you’re close enough with them. Especially watch out for females, they’re bruh girls and are dominant. Eating a burrito? That shit is theirs now. Wanna be the top? Too bad you’re a bottom now. Can be flirty but also teasing. If you encounter one, they are quite rare, but do not anger them, as your reproductive organs might be missing by the end of the night.
I was eating a croissant next to an Aalto, they slapped it out of my hand and snipped off my balls. I was a bottom that night.
by 2InchPounder November 21, 2020
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