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Simply put, Anime maniacs.

White boys and girls who are in love with anime because they truly believe in flying robots with guns, Ninja Techniques, dragonballs, demon shards, and fruit baskets are at a high risk of being an animeniac. Usually the same people that have Japanophilia.
Animeniacs dress up as Akatsuki and Saiyans and Demon Hunters and Vampires and Gundams and Pirates and Deathgods, to attend national anime conventions, held for all animeniacs.

Animeniacs have a problem that is commonly known as animenia, a condition comparable to Tourettes, with the "Tics" of Animeniacs to be shouting catch phrases from various animes in japanese.

"O-ba Kyuu Chi!"
"Gomu Gomu no!"

by FlappingChocoboModel July 16, 2008
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An alternative but incorrect hearing of The Clash's Rock the Casbah.
"The Shareef don't like it! Locking the Cashbox, Lock the Cashbox!"

"No man, it's Rock the Caspah"

"Oh, well that way works too"
by FlappingChocoboModel July 3, 2008
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Usually the character in a story of any kind, book, movie, TV show, who has the most importance in the story and does the most to support the plot. Most of the action should follow the main character.

*Something that animes such as Naruto and Bleach do not have*

Hermione Granger is a main character; Harry Potter should have been cast as an extra (supporting character at best)

Naruto has about 15 main characters; not a single one of them are developed enough to actually have an important role in the story. Naruto has the fox, without him, Naruto would be useless. Sasuke has the cool eyes now thanks to Itachi, without Itachi, Sasuke would be useless. The Hokages all suck, every other ninja is pretty much pointless. The anime should be called Itachi, instead of Naruto.

"I really dislike authors that make stories without a main character; that way you have no way of bsing on a quiz over reading. Usually you just write down the first name you see on the back of the book"

"Why is the series called Harry Potter? He doesn't really do anything apart from not listen to Hermione"

"I agree completely, they should change all of the books to Hermione Granger and...blah blah... featuring Harry Potter"
by FlappingChocoboModel July 3, 2008
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A love or over interest in everything Japanese. Some might consider Japanophilia an obsession, compulsion, and a crazy madness all in one.
Japanophile-"I really really like Japanese girls"
Person-"Yeah, me too, it's like virtual pornography, they're 23, but they look like they're 14! Don't you love little children?"
Japanophile-"Ewww man, pedophilia is fucking gross!"
Person-"And Japanophilia is any better"?

Japanophile2-"Henseiki! Toshigoro! Boushi!"
"Dude, wtf is that guy talking about?"
"Nah, don't worry about it, she thinks she can speak Japanese because she's already inflicted with Japanophilia, I hear it's a terrible condition"
"It must be, man, you live your life under the delusion that you're actually a different race!"
by FlappingChocoboModel July 3, 2008
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That extra "umph" that people of a certain skin color possess that allows them to soar to the top of high jumps, the end of finish lines, the most baskets per game, and for small skinny guys to bench twice as much as big white guys.
Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt was recently tested for several steroids, after his astounding triple gold medal finish at the 2008 Olympics. Scientists were puzzled by the absence of performance enhancing substances such as desoxymethyltestosterone, or bolandiol, and were shocked to discover enormous levels of Vitamin B in his blood.

Similar examples can be used by replacing Usain Bolt with Michael Johnson, Carl Lewis, Magic Johnson, Tyson Gay, Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice, and That Black Guy.
by FlappingChocoboModel January 22, 2009
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