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A love or over interest in everything Japanese. Some might consider Japanophilia an obsession, compulsion, and a crazy madness all in one.
Japanophile-"I really really like Japanese girls"
Person-"Yeah, me too, it's like virtual pornography, they're 23, but they look like they're 14! Don't you love little children?"
Japanophile-"Ewww man, pedophilia is fucking gross!"
Person-"And Japanophilia is any better"?

Japanophile2-"Henseiki! Toshigoro! Boushi!"
"Dude, wtf is that guy talking about?"
"Nah, don't worry about it, she thinks she can speak Japanese because she's already inflicted with Japanophilia, I hear it's a terrible condition"
"It must be, man, you live your life under the delusion that you're actually a different race!"
by FlappingChocoboModel July 03, 2008
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