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An advanced sex position involving 2 men and a female participant. It is accomplished by the female being in a kneeling or standing position, with her one of male partners penetrating her from the front, and the other from the back. While engaged, the male partners vigorously insert sex toys (usually some variation of a dildo) into the opposite male partner's anal cavity. This position is known for its intense prostate pleasure, and high level of skill involved.
Duke: "That Veronica is a bad bitch!"

Zachary: "Right? Me and my boy Noah invited her over last night. She let us lay a sweet Carl Lewis on that ass!"

Duke: "My boy!"

*high five*
by Dank reems September 15, 2017
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one bad ass dude i mean this guy jumped over a shark tank and after had sex with 21 differnt women. this guy is too much for me.
"jump off a bridge and do something crazy,on the way down u say CARL LEWIS "

had sex with a girl when u finish u say CARL LEWIS

do anything bad ass u say carl lewis
by dr crissis August 17, 2011
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When slipping out for a crafty cigarette, one may be described as popping out for a 'carl lewis'. ie a quick fag.
Watch the phones for me Nobby, I'm just nipping down the back stairs for a carl lewis.
by Hector Blap October 03, 2015
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