one of the greatest punk or any bands of all time. they revolutionized the flagging music of the 70's by turning two nations into punks and saving music from certain doom. london calling is the greatest album ever. rip joe strummer.
the clash rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by doby dan January 3, 2006
Anything that says get up and take a stand is THE CLASH. NOt bullshit about how your Girlfriend hates you.
The Clash ARE Punk: NOT Good Charlotte, NOT Blink 182, NOT Sum41, NOT Simple plan.. This is POP
by chinky chinky wing wang September 5, 2005
the single most badass band ever
All bow to the Clash! Noone can step to London Calling, The Clash, Sandanista, and Combat Rock!
by Shawn E. April 16, 2003
"...the only band that matters..."
The clash was one of UK's finest punk bands of the 70s. They are the only band that went from punk to rock (and had styles inbetween with ska, reggae, hip hop, and jazz) without anyone calling them fuckin sellouts.
by scott April 16, 2004
The greatest band ever. Originally consisted of Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Terry Chimes, and (not known to most) Keith Lavene on 3rd guitar. Keith was kicked out after a couple of shows due to his drug addiction. The song "Deny" is about him. He later teamed up with Johnny Rotten (of Sex Pistols fame) to start Public Image Ltd. After a few gigs and the release of their first album, Terry quit the band because he felt like an outsider. Rob Harper played drums on the Anarchy in the UK tour. Nick Headon became their drummer just before they recorded Give 'Em Enough Rope. Fast forward to the time after Combat Rock. Mick was kicked out because of creative differences and the re-welcoming of Bernie, their old manager. At this point, they were divided into 2 factions: Mick and Nick, and Joe and Paul. Nick quit because they kicked out Mick. Paul and Joe went through a few rehearsals before deciding on Vince White on guitar, Pete Howard on drums, and Nick Sheppard on guitar. Joe decided to only sing but said he felt empty being on stage without a guitar so he started playing again and they were like the original Clash again with 3 guitarists. They released Cut the Crap, a last attempt at reinventing themselves and decided to call it quites. Paul formed Havanah 3am. Joe went on to do a solo career then formed the Mescaleros. After Mick left the Clash, he formed Big Audio Dynamite. No one knows what happened to Nick after he left the Clash.
The Clash are a huge influential punk band.
by Jimmy Jazz May 31, 2004
Corrections to the entry written by Jimmy Jazz. In which "Jimmy" made some egregious mistakes.

1. Nicky "Topper" Headon joined the band far before the release of Give 'Em Enough Rope. He is credited on almost half the songs on The Clash as the drummer. This album was released in 1977 and Give 'Em Enough Rope was released in 1978, so obviously, he was there almost a year before.

2. Topper Headon did not quit because Joe and Paul kicked him out. He was kicked out because of a heroin addiction. It had nothing to do with the sacking of Mick Jones.

3. Mick Jones had already formed Big Audio Dynamite before he was kicked out of the Clash.

4. People do know what happened to Topper Headon after he left the Clash. He became a taxi driver briefly, went to jail for 15 months on a heroin supplying charge, played a few gigs, and cleaned up his act and stopped using heroin. He also appeared in several documentaries on the Clash and Joe Strummer like Westway to the World, London Calling Studio Footage, and The Future is Unwritten.

Please get your facts straight Jimy Jazz especially when talking about one of the most influential and best punk band of all time.
the clash, corrections, you're wrong Jimmy Jazz, topper headon, mick jones, give 'em enough rope
by Janie Jones December 16, 2007
One day, in the late-mid 70s, God decided that he had given the 20th century enough shit with 2 world wars and so he made it up by inventing Punk rock. Sadly, one of the first, and most famous bands (The Sex Pistols), were acting like complete dicks (who happend to amke brilliant yet simple music). God decided to take things into his own hands and created The Clash. This band were the greatest band of the time and are most probably the greatest band ever. The trancended the punk lebel and fused their music with jazz, dub,rap and regae, but never failed to make their music brilliant.

If The Clash weren't gods themselves, they were certainly blessed by the Almighty One.

Singer Joe Strummer died just before Christmas 2002. His final album was almost complete, it was released the next year and is absoultely brilliant. It is called Streetcore and is on hellcat records.
Every song they ever did.
by Clavus Torquis March 21, 2004