A sound similar to a plush or dog-toy being deflated. Often made by as a vocalization that accompanies a sigh.

The act of making the a sound similar to a deflating plush or dog-toy.
The thing flopped over the armrest with a tired kyuu.

As the door opened, it lifted its head and kyuued curiously towards the direction of the sound.
by Lochi Tandoku December 27, 2017
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The ultimate mommy of mommies who should be worshipped as also known to be a Lady of kindness, great fortune, and...pleasure-
Kyuu is mommy
by a simp for kyuu October 3, 2022
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It is often used to describe how cute the thing is to the point where you just want to kill/destroy/annihilate it.

Also used to describe someone whom you just want them to simply blow up.
Come back! I just want to kyuu you!
by Kyuu-dachi July 30, 2015
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A stupid faggot (Pronounced FAE-got) who...
- Gets 3-stocked by Slug in Brawl
- Has a cousin who is quite adept at smashing the C-Stick
- Kills Deviling and gets a Blade of Darkness
- Gets 3 Smokie Cards without getting a Kitty Band.
- Gets dropped by Garm and loses MVP
- Forgets to bring his ED to Phreeoni
Ralph: Yeah, I was playing this game called Ragnarok Online, and I killed this purple jell-O thing and it gave me some sort of sword, but I can't equip it.

Samwise: Lolocaust, you're a total Kyuu.
by Slug>Kyuu September 19, 2008
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“God, Don’t be like Tsume-Kyuu, they stole my car, my house, my wives, and my grandpa Don.”
by Voomity July 13, 2021
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The cutest cat in the world. gotta love him for his authentic personalitiy and total pureness :) yall want serotonin? Then read "wonder cat kyuu-chan" by nitori sasami. Hopefully that will bring a smile to you
Kyuu-chan is so adorable my heart is melting 😞👊❣
by Oishi lmao November 8, 2022
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kyuu is cam's boyfriend, and she loves him so much
by kyuu's gf is here April 12, 2023
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