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1) Anarchism is a political ideology followed by anarchists. Although many people belive anarchism to be a type of communism, anarchists actually regard communism as state perpetrated captialism.

Anarchism regards any form of heirachical authority system as undesirable and aims to promote a co-operative system of organisation.

Anarchism regards wages, interest and rent as harmful; prefering instead that workers own their own labour.

Many political thinkers see a totaly anarchic system as unworkable, however moderate anarchists do exist in the same way that moderates of other political ideologies (such as conservatism, socialism and capitalism) exist.

Anarchism should not be confused with the pure free-market systems sometimes proposed by, so called, anarcho-capitalists.

2) Anarchism is a philisophical conjecture that the natural state of human-beings is one of social interaction and co-operation as equals.
1) I would like to vote for someone who belives in Anarchism, but they don't often stand for election.

2) In a society organised by Anarchism no-one should force anyone else to do something.
by Flame August 29, 2003
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a dang small little town in minnesota. Quite boring.
I hate the boring town of Chaska.
by Flame April 13, 2005
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Band formed by Matt Stone and Trey Parker of Southpark fame.
Me: Did you here that DVDA track?
Her: What does DVDA stand for?
Me: Well....
by Flame August 29, 2003
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basically, a hafadas is a piercing in the male genital region. Its in the upper part of the scrotum.
Dude, I just got my hafadas pierced and my girlfriend thinks its really hot.
by Flame May 20, 2005
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"Way down
Mark the grave
Where the searchlights find us
Drinking by the mausoleum door
And they found you on the bathroom floor"
by Flame May 20, 2005
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A situation in which two states have enough weapons (typically nuclear) to ensure that should one launch an attack the other would be able to respond in a strong enough way to destroy the attacker. Both would be destroyed.

This situation is supposed to prevent either side from launching such an attack.

The Cold War between the USA and the USSR in the 20th Century is an example of such a situation.
With our stockpiles of nukes we have mutually assured destruction in the case of a launch.
by Flame August 30, 2003
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A pure and potent form of amphetamine, comes in a crystaline lump rather than a powder (although is normally cut before use).
Mmmm, that base is nice and soft, cut me a line.
by Flame August 29, 2003
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