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A now legendary group of sharp-dressed and good looking "bon viveurs" from SE England.
Formed in 1997 and still thriving to present day, the HFPC created and laid the foundations of the modern day binge drinking and philandering that has created so many pretenders to the throne.
Fuelled by angst, Laurent Perrier Pink and coke, they defined the true meaning of "calling Jewsons and ripping the back right of it" throughout the Home Counties.
"Never in the fields of Hempstead have so many fit birds been pested by so few gifted as the HFPC".
Founder Members; Ches, Macdaddy D, DC , The Fin and Si C. (The names have been changed to protect the innocent).

God bless us all.
HFPC" No surrender, no retreat, no fucking compromise."

See HFAS , Associates
by Fin November 18, 2004
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Formed by two founder members of the HFPC (Ches and Fin) along with Pricey, the Beserker and Moist in 1999, it was decided that the word of carnage needed to be spread unto the uneducated masses of the North.
Following Gillingham FC to such salubrious locations in England such as Preston,Blackpool,Nottingham,Stoke, Millwall etc, the Associates breathed new life into the decaying art of Football Hooliganism, excessive drinking, violence, vandalism and bugle practice.
The Associates finest moments would involve such tear-jerkers as the ransacking of the Boyce hotel, Pricey being arrested for mooning the riot police, Beserker doing a whole bag in one hit, Fin armed with 2 pool cues and bottles in the town centre, and Ches wrecking the phone box then laying out the bloke queueing at McDonalds late at night. Halcyon days.
God bless us all.
"Who set fire to that effigy of Sean Gregan at Preston on the terraces?"

"That'll be the Associates again".

Greeeeeeeeeeeeeegan You fucking cuntbag!
by Fin November 18, 2004
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a term made up for nichole describing hoopla's and dungflinging issues at parties
"What do you think of the shebackle going on here"
by Fin December 13, 2004
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Dissident Splinter Faction of the HFPC, chiefly involved in Fins "clandestine missions from God".
I'm doing the HFAS tonight, gonna tear the fucking place right up.

by Fin November 18, 2004
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Dog house

A more drink fuelled emotive expression relating to one not being flavour of the month.
"I forgot the bird's birthday again, I'm in the cunt book and no mistaking".
by Fin November 14, 2004
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Blatant rip-off of the UK's great punk scene by where it was deemed o.k for students the world over to avoid washing, dye their hair purple, be depressed and go on and on about the world owing them a fucking living. Thank fuck it died on it's arse. Boooring.
Grunge = new punk?

Yeah right.
by Fin November 14, 2004
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