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The act of reaching up your female partners ass while you are having vaginal intercourse and jerking yourself off. The masturbation aspect may also be handled by a third party, in which case it is called the "Puppet Master".
My girl's pooswa is looser than Gandalf's sleeves. The only way I can get off inside her is by giving myself the muppet.
by Falter Ego August 31, 2007

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Aroused male genitilia or 'Hard On'. Heard for the first time when a man, well known to be completely insane, was overheard discussing masturbation during group therapy in Boston, Massachusetts.
I grabbed my dynamite stick and rocketed into the fourth dimension of existence!
by Falter Ego March 21, 2007

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(v) Two men mashing their dickheads together inside a rolled-up piece of lunch meat.
Rusty and Tommy wanted to do some docking but were dismayed to find they are both circumcised. They played bologna tips instead.
by Falter Ego January 02, 2012

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The deuce one smashes out after eating Italian food, corn and peanuts.
I had mussels marinara after the baseball game last night. The deuce I dropped this morning was a real jagged soprano.
by Falter Ego May 03, 2009

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Man hyman or male, anal virginity.
During the camping trip Tony and I were forced to share a sleeping bag so I broke his myman.
by Falter Ego September 19, 2006

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Male on male face sitting where the top hops up and down on his haunches like a rabbit.
Phil's mouth smelled awful after Eric gave him the Chocolate Bunny.
by Falter Ego March 26, 2009

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