The area where the back of the leg and butt meet.
The area that hurts after a long bike ride. Or when a woman is wearing short-shorts and bends over, she exposes her haunches.
by LenoreBenay August 13, 2006
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To raw hump an object or bend over, arms wide, in a scandlin manner while creepin.
Yea, that hoe over there in the corner was haunchin' my leg and now my pants are streaked up.

Look at your dog man, it's haunchin' that dirty towel you left on the floor.

Who the fucks that over there walking this way all haunched? Hey, I see you mutha fucka.
by DEVILDRIVER6669 February 11, 2011
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Heavy petting, making out, grabby hands, but not intercourse. Emphasis on copious open-mouth kissing and tongue action.
On the way back from the movie I saw my best friend and his date haunching in the back seat.
by Paul Horn August 22, 2003
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Haunches is the upper part of someones back who is heavy set or has a hunch back.
Dude did you see that big bitch at walmart strap both of her shopping cars onto her haunches and hoble out.
by jason665 July 28, 2009
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The act of being haunchy. Can be used as a verb, adjective, noun, state of mind. Haunches are fun loving, passionate, sarcastic, forgiving, playful, and love to tickle fellow haunches once they get them right where they want them.

State of mind, as in: "Your not being very haunchy right now."

Verb: "Let the haunches kick back."

Noun: "What up haunch?"
by Jessica and Zach Haunch November 27, 2008
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The loin and upper thigh of the wild desert hare. A favorite dish of Roger and Virginia Clarvin and Barbara Hernandez.
After a supper of jackrabbit haunches, we laid out beneath the stars.
by deehenny January 21, 2011
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