Alcohol for Architects.

Organization founded at NYIT by Architects and Interior Design Students.
by Nareg February 23, 2010
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Bash the Fash........
by Mu moo January 9, 2005
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That kids parents are part of the AFA.
by Coopiebabe March 29, 2017
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American Family Association - hate organization that defends so-called "family values."
If the AFA ruled the world, they would jail homosexuals!
by ilmw May 29, 2005
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AFA, Ass for Anything, The one who is send to do all the minor and unimportant tasks.
by VulcanScout June 22, 2011
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Girl: "I'm really fit aren't I?"
Boy: "AFA again."
by soapy17 July 6, 2012
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Propaganda-laden christian organization who wants people to say only "christmas" instead of "holiday" or "xmas", and ban gays, as well as hanukkah/ramadan/kwanzaa.
The AFA sucks!
by King Saladbar December 12, 2010
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