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for a person to return a diss as such as to RETALIATE in kind because they feel that it's justified even though it might not be
Dude she just clap backed you , now you gotta retaliate . No she ain't worth the clap back
by Faithmoriahfaith March 28, 2016
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1. When you're thinking about cussing someone out but you're doing it in the nicest way possible
2, a cuss word is RIGHT on the tip of your tongue but for fear of anything other than incrimination , you don't say it but you're still THINKING it
A " cussultation " is defined as an instance where you need to talk out an issue with someone & BOTH of you know it's gonna come down to blows but you don't wanna fight in public BUT if something went down you know it's probably beat you stay quiet or it's GONNA COME TO BLOWS:
During the holidays a lot of cussultations happen between families because of everyone being so strong willed :

Ex:,I know a cussultation is about to happen because I'm frustrated with laughter
by Faithmoriahfaith November 26, 2014
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Receiving so much information (data ) that you get overwhelmed to the point where you're about to go insane
Usually when you have so many plans for so many people , you get dataed because you can't think straight
by Faithmoriahfaith March 15, 2015
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When people outside the African American community speak loudly for any & every reason & take action for either a violent or nonviolent reason
Person 1: Dude , how's that fried chicken , macaroni & collard greens

Person 2: Its so good that I'm having a black people moment
by Faithmoriahfaith June 15, 2016
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The Most Southern Baptist Christian way to cuss the daylight savings outta someone without being inflammatory even know if you want 2
Bless your heart your acting real foolish right now without knowing the facts
by Faithmoriahfaith December 06, 2016
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The ability to have a group of pastors rejoice in such a way , it looks like they're about to pass
A pastoral pass out includes Jumping up & down , continuos chanting without knowledge of any reverent language
by Faithmoriahfaith February 20, 2013
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When you don't have time to be wasting time with ignorant foolish or stupid people
Dude I'm reclaiming my time because this discussion I can't be having a discussion with the likes of you
by Faithmoriahfaith July 31, 2017
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