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Gault noun: An omnipitant spiritual being, encapsulating the perfection of the human form.

Gault adjective: To get The Ladies and Party
"Praise be to Gault"
by FTJ_Admin April 14, 2005

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larry_bird forum:

To make a suggestion of cosmically disastrous proportions. For example; recommending buying shares in Enron.

The opposite to a car_forum.
Napoleon Bonaparte - "I don't care that it's winter, we're invading Russia"

Marshall Nay: "Your Highness, this is a larry_bird forum of an idea".
by FTJ_Admin April 17, 2005

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To take a picture of yourself in the same posture as the legendary ecko champ.
I put my hat on at a silly angle, lifted my shirt a little, you know, just champin'
by ftj_admin April 12, 2006

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1: An suggestion of undoubted merrit, that will never come to fruition.

2: The opposite of a larry_bird forum
Kofi Annan: "Mr President, but what about erradicating 3rd World debt?"

George W Bush: "Let's face it Kofi, it's just a car_forum".
by FTJ_Admin April 17, 2005

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The oath sworn followers of the almighty Gault and the guardians of The Ladies. Those who are known to Party and have forsworn the herecy of Ramesh.
"C:\summon Cult Of Gault"
by FTJ_Admin April 14, 2005

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The female disciples of Gault, possibly belonging to the Cult Of Gault.
"Get The Ladies and Party"
by FTJ_Admin April 14, 2005

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Doordie (verb)

1. To be the subject a train, specifically with a mexican in the guard's van.

2. The act of participating in a train. Puting the gang in gangbang with a fat chick.

3. Refusal to remove your dirty white socks while engaging in sexual intercourse with numerous partners.
"Well, the night Charles told me he loved Chamilla and not me, I was so distraught, I drove down to McDonalds and let some mexicans pull a Doordie on me, I didn't even take my socks off"

Extract from Martin Bashir's interview with Princess Diana, BBC news, 1993.

by FTJ_Admin January 25, 2006

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