A French emperor, the first person to crown himself emperor in Europe since Charlemagne. Conquered almost all of Europe, was sent into exile, but came back to France and reclaimed his crown. Sent into exile again, this time for good.
Napoleon Bonaparte was freaking badass!
by Ithaca February 16, 2005
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One of the few great people to have their own Pokemon named after him (Empoleon). Other people on this list: Jackie Chan (Hitmonchan), and Bruce Lee (Hitmonlee). It takes a LOT to get a pokemon named after you, such as being a legend (Infernape: Son Goku) or deity (Torterra: legendary Iroquois world turtle),a gay decoration (Chimecho: wind chimes) or even a scientific phenomenon (Rayquaza). Sometimes, finding a name for a Pokemon is just as easy as watching Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, drinking too much cough syrup, or some combination of all three.
Dude, Empoleon is "Emperte" in Japanese...Nintendo's really down with naming their intellectual properties after real people like Napoleon Bonaparte. What do you wanna bet there's gonna be one named after Charlemagne, or the Pope?
by aka_Pyro May 5, 2007
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A French emperor who was a great military commander. He conquered most of Europe, then he was forced into exile, where he died.
He was a short, dead dude, to be blunt.
Bonaparte was never blown apart.
by Dark Chaos August 20, 2004
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basically the real life version of Levi Ackerman. further proof that midgets make the best military leaders.
Napoleon Bonaparte suffers from Ackerman syndrome, a condition that makes your body short but increases the length of your dick, a trait that is crucial for any successful leader.
by t0x1c w4st3 May 31, 2021
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The sexual act of standing on one's knees to imitate a man of small stature, then ejaculating on the nose of one's sexual partner, much like Napoleon's forces did to the sphinx in Egypt.
Dude, I so Napoleon Bonaparted that bitch, she sneezed for like two hours straight.
by MeatPie April 22, 2008
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The process by which you wrap your dick up in a crepe. You then ram it into your girls asshole until you are ready for the money shot. You pull out and then have her finish you off. For proper completion she must eat the entire crepe.
My girlfriend like relaxing on a Friday night while I give her a Napoleon Bonaparte.
by Honeybadger66 January 9, 2012
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French midget who has some MASSIVE male camel toe in every portrait that has been painted of him.
"Napoleon Bonaparte wore his pants up to his fucking armpits, creating some terrible male camel toe. His balls must have been in constant pain. No wonder he was such a douchebag.
by yousuckpenis January 14, 2010
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