162 definitions by FRANK

an insane band from the stamford, ct ska/screamo underground
there so fucking underground they dont even know who they are sometimes

also see:
jesus christ and the moses humpers
butt plugs and shoulder shrugs
do you have a copy of the new fuck me harders cd? ahh i didnt think so, there so fuckin underground
by Frank February 24, 2005
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smart, sexy, sassy apple bottomed girl.
An anequa
My sista is 3SAB
by Frank November 19, 2003
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the pimpest most leet rifleman in DoD, plays for 1st ID, www.firstinfantry.com
Check Six: OMFG we need to recruit Pinkius
Trademark: OMFG NO we do!
by Frank April 23, 2005
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a compliment for someone of extreme greatness.

Uncomparable, due to greatness.
"You are so great, its like your a Jus10".
by frank November 03, 2004
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a porno movie that has hardcore sex with a guy with 2 dicks and he fucks two bitches at the same time
are you going to watch jondong
by frank May 12, 2004
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An Asian female lying in front of the fire with her legs apart.
by Frank October 24, 2003
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to talk incessantly about lacrosse
there was no way he was going to score with that chick, he just almyed her to death.
by frank July 23, 2003
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