Refers to the subsequent, sometimes painful, diarrhea you get after indulging in taco bell.
"This taco bell is so gooooood."

...2 hours later

"I think I've got taco hell coming on! My anus is going to explode! Can I use your bathroom man?"
by BabyFranz April 8, 2010
Local nickname for the Taco Bell on Ponce De Leon Ave. in ATL. This refers not only to the quality of the food, as in previous UD definitions, but also the fact that at this particular location, if you park in specific areas at certain times of night, drug dealers will harass you and probably ask you to buy weed, crack, heroin, or some kind of prescription drug. Also located across the street from some housing projects.
ATLien: I'm about to go over to Taco Hell and get some burritos. Wanna come?

Friend: Uh, sure. Just lemme load my 12 gauge first.
by pectussian June 17, 2011
when the poor mexicans have to clean the bathroom in the office after you ate taco bell for lunch
Jose it was horrible amigo, that fat pendejo in accounting put me in Taco Hell today !
by Jesse Z March 15, 2008
Play on words for the restaurant "Taco Bell". Stems from the fact that, an hour after eating you'll be in a porcelain bowl hell for the rest of the night. Reasons for subjecting ones self to such "hell" is usually a result of mary jane indulgence.
0 hour: "Man I need some taco hell"!
2 hours later: "OH SHIT"!!!
by Andrew A December 22, 2003
Derogatory form of Taco Bell. Refers to the fact that the company uses low-quality ingredients and has been found using non-food-grade, genetically-engineered corn in its tortillas.
Look, a taco hell! I'm glad I'm not eating there...
by cazort August 27, 2003
The proverbial "place" that one visits after having ingested the disgusting substances referred to as "food" by a particular fast food chain.
He let his late-night munchies get the best of him and now he's in taco hell!
by Quinnlee April 15, 2008
Another name for Taco bell.

Eat this and stay backed up for days Or get wet watery runs.

Cation: Hot itchy but.
Hey lets get Taco hell!
by Reanight July 9, 2009