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When a guy feels rejected by the female race and starts killing females until he is killed himself.
Girl 1:I'm staying away from that Michael. I think he might just be a manifesto boy
Girl2:I know I think he's a woman hater
Girl 1: we'll he calls me up crying how I don't appreciate him and calls me a worthless whore
Girl2: ya he's a weirdo
by FAWKGIRL July 13, 2014

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a new unknown smell or item or person that is nasty.
A horrific fart out of your friends dogs ass that just hangs. A bad part of town that's dirty and smells worse than sewage. A stinky smell youv never smelled before in your life...very nasty and you go "omg that's newstea! what you get when you mix the word new and nasty together- newstea.
by FAWKGIRL September 30, 2013

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A slooser is the word "sore" and "loser" put together. "He or She is a sore loser, gets upset anytime they lose at something and just cant shrug as fun". They get all butt hurt, hence "a slooser"
Lee shouldn't play golf with his buddy's because if he loses he always breaks someone's golf club and storms off, he's such a slooser!"
by FAWKGIRL August 15, 2016

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A controlling and arrogant male.
Person #1: says "you are not wearing that sweater when you go out with me, change right now!
Person #2:says back "who do you think you are, I will wear what I want, stop being such a controllogent!"
by FAWKGIRL January 07, 2014

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Tonic water with your Mung.
When you insert a hose vaginally into the dead corpse and fill it with tonic water before inserting your straw into the vagina and have yourself a Mungspritzer instead of plain old Mung.
by FAWKGIRL January 05, 2014

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A girl that never says no to jumping in the sack. You will never hear a Fawkgirl say"I have a headache" when you want sex. She will never say no to sex.
Man 1: "my Michelle is every guys
Dream girl, she cooks cleans and on top of that she's a fawkgirl she has never said no to sex.
Man 2: "your lucky"
Man 1: "I know"
by FAWKGIRL July 05, 2014

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When a guy tries to get you to feel sorry for his penis saying he has blue balls or that he hasn't been laid in a year. He trys to get you to pity his penis so you will fuck him.
Girl#1: Jack tried to pity penis me into fucking him again.
Girl#2:What a loser, you didn't did you?
Girl#1: Hell no!
by FAWKGIRL January 17, 2014

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