Well I think ~Wendy~ should go back to her English class cause Looser is a term described in the dictionary as. Loose, Not Tight, etc.If someone can't spell a word correctly I don't think their definition should be adhered by.
~Wendy~ is a Sloser (not a slooser) and should pay more attention in English Class rather than making false definitions on some website
by :jaso: June 21, 2006
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A slooser is the word "sore" and "loser" put together. "He or She is a sore loser, gets upset anytime they lose at something and just cant shrug as fun". They get all butt hurt, hence "a slooser"
Lee shouldn't play golf with his buddy's because if he loses he always breaks someone's golf club and storms off, he's such a slooser!"
by FAWKGIRL August 15, 2016
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A combination of slacker and looser. Basically someone who doesn't do anything, is lazy, and probably won't get anywhere in life.
Mike: Hey, was Eric in English today?

Josh: Naw, he ditched again.

Mike: What a slooser.
by ~Wendy~ April 02, 2006
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