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When you get hurt so badly that Coldplay comes to the hospital to break the news to you in the form of a parody of one of their own songs.
Last week, my friend sustained a Coldplay injury. The band came to the hospital and told him that he was Para-, Para-, paralyzed."
by Ezomz July 06, 2013

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Bags under your eyes because you were busy raving all night and the air conditioner only went up to your neck and your face is all red.
"Yo Tom, you've got some serious rave bags man...I guess last night was pretty gitch."
by Ezomz January 15, 2009

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To ask somebody something. It doesn't have to be a guy, "shoot her an ask" is totally legit too.
"Is Tom coming to the party? I don't know, let me shoot him an ask."
by Ezomz January 05, 2009

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To calm down and stop flipping out.
"So Tom was about to start a fight and I was like 'Yo dude, chill your chili beans'!"
by Ezomz January 12, 2009

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Something that really sucks.
"You're paralyzed? Man, that sucks a bag of cheese."
by Ezomz July 18, 2009

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