mens or womens underwear.

see also gotchie
pull your pants up wigger, I can see your gitch.
by Paul J Parkinson March 25, 2005
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Lady, your gitch is showing.
by foo February 16, 2003
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a word that means gay and bitch at the same time
Sarah: “savage
by Addi Daddi Insta Baddi June 21, 2019
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a curd of the two words gay bitch or gitch, originating from emma last month
by Megarticus July 26, 2006
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The unfortunate phenomenon when you are unable to shower, clean, wash, or freshen up your private parts, and the resultant stench that occurs. Gitch comes in both male and female forms and is nasty and gitchful regardless of sex. The longer you go without washing, or the more strenuous activity you perform (such as exercise), the stronger your gitch will be.
"Man, I haven't had a shower in 3 days and my balls are FULL of the gitch"

"Even just sitting here, I can get wind of my own gitch it is that bad"

by Dave MacVicar November 3, 2005
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the bridge of irresistible skin that happens to be located between the female's vagina and the asshole. mmmmz. similar to the gooch of a manly man.
hey baby, can i peep that gitch after class?
by omgdoom December 13, 2008
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"omg...that dude is such a gitch"
"i can't believe you're talking to that gitch!"
"What the hell, that gitch stood me up!"
by chinrena September 13, 2008
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