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the scientific name for noob. noobs are under developed apes not really human so its ok to kill them for sport.
Roy shot the Noobsapian dead and its pelt is now hang on his wall.
by Evil-ghost-ninja March 28, 2006
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Italian American slang for being be Calm and Relaxed while doing something stressful
"He was Cool as Ice when he walked into the court room."

"He walked up cool as ice and wacked the guy."
by Evil-ghost-ninja October 25, 2006
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a very cold but volcanic place north of the british ilands the country of iceland has no military what so ever this makes it one of the most peaceful counties in the world despite being ancestors of the mean-as-fuck Vikings.
Guy1: iceland what?
Guy2: that place with no military
Guy1: ohh!
by Evil-ghost-ninja October 31, 2005
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A cold country that lays in Eastern Scandinavia the people in Finnalnd are Nordic and some viking backgrounds.The earliest traces of human habitation in Finland date from about 8000 bc, when the most recent of the Ice Ages was retreating. These primitive hunters and gatherers probably arrived from the east. Pottery making characterized another type of Stone Age culture (starting 3000? bc) known as the Comb-Ceramic; its practitioners were of a different origin. The succeeding Battle-Ax culture (1800-1600 bc) may have been brought to Finland by an Indo-European people from a more southerly Baltic region; these people were able navigators and also introduced agriculture. A merger of the Battle-Ax people and the previous dwellers resulted in the so-called Kiukainen culture (1600-1200 bc).

During the age of the Vikings the Finns became exposed to both eastern and western influences. Vikings from Sweden used the Åland Islands (colonized by Swedes in the 6th century ad) as a base for their journeys of pillage and trade into Russia as far south as the Black Sea. Although they did not actually participate in these Viking expeditions, the Finns benefited by the growing contact and the establishment of trading colonies in their country by merchants from Sweden and Gotland. At the end of the 11th century three Finnish tribes had spread as far north as the 62nd parallel: the Finns proper in the southwest, the Tavastians in the interior lake district, and the Karelians to the east. Saami were also living in the wilderness to the north. No unified government or state existed.

Also the finnish lanuage has been known to have hella long words like:pelimannimusiikki(I think i spelled that right)Some 72 percent of Finland is still forested.
I heart Finland! The people are nice and a bit suicidal BUT THEY DIDNT HELP THE NAZIS!
by Evil-ghost-ninja October 31, 2005
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Very slow but very heavy metal. Often sung with melodic vocals but also can be sung with growlish and screamish vocals becoming death doom metal. sometimes doom can be very epic too.
Doom Metal: Candlemass from Sweden
Death doom(or doom/death)Metal:Discrucior From Estonia
by Evil-ghost-ninja October 28, 2005
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