OK for starters i say that i am an estonian and i read both definitions, one by "eestlaneeeee jeee" and the other by "NobodySpeshul". One of them is clearly Russian and the other Estonian. They represent 2 different extremities. The truth is somewhere in between. I know Estonians are happy with their little country, i'm not a Russian so not sure about them. But i say let's not fight, and if we hate each other so much and can't be friends, then we should at least leave each other alone. Thanks.
Russian: "Estonians suck goddamn idiots Russia FTW!"
Estonian: "Stupid Russians hope they burn in hell, Estonia is the best!"
We should stop acting like kids. Both nations.
by 15 April 26, 2008
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the head-ass best country that has ever existed on this doomed planet! 100% communism-free since 1991!
I went to Estonia because that's what cool guys do.
by Jwgmtts November 27, 2018
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Estonia is a small Baltic nation with a conflicted history, that nobody in America has heard of for some reason even though our government screwed it over by saying that it was okay for the USSR to take the Baltic States. Many stereotype the Estonians negatively, not realizing why they are the way that they are. Estonia was invaded by the Nazis and the Soviets, and ultimately the Soviets took it, killing around 3 million citizens, many of whom were civilians, replacing them with Russians and outright banning the Estonian language, hoping to destroy their culture. As such, the Estonians are patriotic at heart, as without patriotism their culture would be dead, and they are tired of large nations rolling them over. Estonia, despite being small, is fairly advanced, being the first nation to have internet based elections. In addition, Estonia is strong economically, and full of nice but sometimes stubborn folks such as my Grandfather. Estonian's have strange humor, can be stubborn, but are generally nice people.
"Estonian humor makes no bloody sense"

"Estonia? What's an Estonia?"
by That_crazy_moron September 6, 2018
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Home of the gods. The country is just Russia and Finland mixed together. Some Estonians hate finland. Most Estonians hate Russia, for a good reason. Russia has been the country that has been watching over them for centuries trying to suppress them.
Estonia is the land of the gods
by Something Easy May 5, 2020
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A beautiful country in Northern Europe. The world's first ever e-Nation. Held the world's first ever e-Election in 2004. Has created Skype, Kazaa and Hotmail... two of which are still widely popular today; Kazaa got discontinued. This country is a decent choice to build up a business/startup company. The people are known to be smart, productive, inventive and positively surprising. Estonia is one of the world's smartest countries. Has a lot of medieval castles. Best in winter sports like bandy, ice hockey, ski jumping and figure skating. The people have blondes, Redhairs, brunettes and matt black. In terms of GDP per capita in the Eastern bloc, Estonia is in second position... just behind Slovenia by a tiny margin. Very soon, Estonia will overcome this. The Estonians are a friendly bunch and wants others to respect their privacy. It's a small country with genuinely happy people all around. One of the most livable countries in Europe, and quite possibly, in the world as well.
Welcome to Estonia!
by LaserImouto January 4, 2023
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Estonia is a small country located in the East part of Europe. It's neighbor countries are Finland, Russia and Latvia. Most of Estonian population is Estonians, however there are also a lot of Russians. Estonians are pretty antisocial and can sometimes be mean, but aren't there people like that in every country? Estonia has lots of beautiful nature. There are a lots of forests and also swamps. Let's just say, Estonians don't really like people who are different from them, therfore, some Estonians tend to be racist or LGBTQ+-phobic . (This is also one of the reasons I'm afraid to come out as asexual panromantic nonbinary) The most speaked language is Estonian, then (probably) come Russian, English, Finnish and so on. If you want further info about Estonia or Estonian history, search it in Google please.
A: Where did you move to?
B: Oh, I moved to Estonia.
A: nice.
by Rotten Deer May 26, 2021
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Poland: Poland can't into space
Estonia: Estonia can't into nordic
by Alyss_A June 3, 2022
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