A home. Introduced in 1995 by musician extraordinaire Beck.
My deadbeat brother keeps staying at my place. He needs to find himself a new habitation.
by Shanealicious December 2, 2005
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Habits are things that you do it more than usual.
If you want to learn how to manage your habits, you should read Atomic Habits written by James Clear.
by Secondary Metabolite May 4, 2022
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Habit is a song by Louis Tomlinson.
It’s about his boyfriend, soulmate and bandmate Harry Styles.

“I took some time 'cause I've ran out of energy
Of playing someone I heard I'm supposed to be
But honestly, I don't have to choose anymore
And it's been ages, different stages
Come so far from Princess Park
I'll always need ya
In front of me, in front of me”
They used to live in their house in Princess Park.

its about Harry stfu and stan.
“Hey have you already heard Habit by Louis Tomlinson?”
“YES, his whole album is so fucking great best artist in the world.”
by marysolbrenda June 3, 2020
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A drug addiction. Usually refers to an addiction to an illegal drug. Most likely derived from 'drug habituation.'
"Pappa was a rolling stone, momma developed a habit." - Eminem's Mockingbird

A nun with a habit told me we all have our vices.
by Mr.Timber February 15, 2012
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shit your mad used to doing.
Stop speaking that sign language and shit son i aint deaf. Sorry its a mad bad habit
by O G B June 6, 2006
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A place where one lives and eats, normally small like a dorm room. Because habitators are very poor; therefore they are not able to leave their habitat causing them to habitate.
while rich was poor at college he spent most of his time habitating in his dorm room, with his food provided by his unlimited food plan, which made him habitate.
by habitator August 19, 2009
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a place that has every factor needed for a living organism to be able to live there. ( a livable place )
This appartment is small, but it's still habitable!
by no!!!!!!!!!! :) November 4, 2020
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