Having an easygoing and mellow nature.
"Wow, Liz seems very relaxed...has she been smoking the ganja lately?"
by barz18 July 17, 2008
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A prescription drug that has two primary affects. The ability to induce coma like slumber all the while allowing bowel movement.
Bro A: "dude, you hear about the new drug relaxative?"

Bro B: "I hear it knocks you out and makes you feel like shit"
by suomynna December 23, 2011
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The one thing you shouldnt say to women/girls.
Ashley: so I went off on him and said...

Jacob: wow, relax

Ashley: U WOT M8
by dangling-grandpas January 1, 2015
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watching memes the day before an exam.
Person 1: I'm relaxing
Person 2: Dude we have a chem test tomorrow.
Person 1: Oh ummm
Person 2: Yeah that's what I thought. Shut up before I make you study.
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re-lax (v) : The act of consuming a salmon twice through regurgitation.
If you can't relax, there's plenty of more fish in the sea!
by Galfodo September 21, 2017
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e.g. Chill the fuck out. Used when someone is making a big deal out of nothing. Similarly, when someone is told to "Calm down".
by nycbatch March 4, 2016
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