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The loud helicopters with the search lights; usually found in the ghetto.
What's all that noise outside? Oh, its just a ghetto bird.
by Erin December 26, 2001

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A genre of movies that has been formed all on it's own combining the genres of Romance, Drama, and Comedy. These movies are filled with cliche after cliche, yet so irresistable for the female population to go out and see the next version. Each contains the same plot with the Character names changed. Producers see sales of these movies soar when the members of the female population are eithe PMSing or just plain MSing. Must have Kleenex box in hand.
Mandy: "I started my period this week.."
Carrie: "That's it, time to rent 'A Walk To Remember'"
by Erin January 06, 2005

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1.A word to describe our meaningless desolate and ugly lives we live.
2. Whatever the hell is on the bathroom walls
1. My life is utter shit.
2. What the hell is that SHIT on the bathroom walls.
by Erin February 24, 2003

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It would be best to describe Ville,using his own music.Take Beautiful,for example...Perhaps Gone with the Sin(my favorite H.I.M. song),Ville's words melt my heart and the only thing I can think about when listening to the music is "If I saw Ville,Id really just have to say his own words-to him,to express how i feel about him to the fullest."Even if you took off the amazing body,the tatts,and the gorgious hair and face,beautiful jaw bone structure,godly lips and butter like hands,Ville would still be the most beautiful person....Everything about him....Precious.
"So close to the Flame...."
by Erin February 22, 2005

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1) A female who sleeps around, or sucks up a lot of guys in a very short period of time
2) A gurl who moves too fast
That bitch sucked up me and my homie in one night.

"damn wut a trackstar"
by erin November 19, 2003

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A type of anime/manga dealing with girl x girl love. As shounen ai is about boys in love, shoujo ai is about girls in love. Not hentai
The love of Tenjou Utena and Himemiya Anthy, from the series Revolutionary Girl Utena, is an example of a shoujo ai-type relationship.
by Erin April 30, 2003

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Considerd the United States lesser counter part, this being untrue we add many things to the world and try to do our part.I don't really understand why the heck someone would compare or make fun of us we are all equal. It is true that Americans have been to know a little less about us than we know about them, but thats okay. I love this country and the things it stands for, it is a beautiful place with just as many wonderful people as every other place.
But weather you are naturally Canadian or some one visting us, I urge you to show your love to this great country..."United we stand divided we fall"...(The Americans couldn't have said it better)
So from Halifax to Victoria, we should all proud to be...
"Canada it the hot spot!"
by Erin October 29, 2004

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