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Mexican word for vagina. Also used to critize someone for being scared.
You are such a pussy(panocha). Fucking panocha. Mostly used between Mexican Americans.
by Erick December 24, 2003

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Anyone and everyone, we're all Goofy Goobers. You may think you're all sophisticated and cool and have nothing to do with "Goofy Gooberness" but on the inside you're a kid and one of the many Goofy Goobers around the world. Join your fellow Goofy Goobers and ROCK!
I'm a goofy goober (rock!)
You're a goofy goober (rock!)
We're all goofy goobers (rock!)
Goofy goofy, goober goober (rock!)

Put your toys away
Well, all I gotta say
When you tell me not to play, I say "No way!"
No no no no no way
"I'm a kid", you say
When you say I'm a kid,
I say "say it again!" and then I say "Thanks"
"Thank you very much"
So, if you're thinking that you'd like to be like me
Go ahead and try, the kid inside will set you free


-"Goofy Goober Rock"
by Erick January 07, 2005

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A residence hall at a college or university, commonly residence halls consisting of double rooms with a community bathroom.
It's time to go back to the dorms.
by Erick May 21, 2006

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St. Michael is one of the principal angels; his name was the war-cry of the good angels in the battle fought in Heaven against Satan and his followers.
In Hebrew his name means: "Who Is Like God"
by Erick July 31, 2005

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A timehole is any place that time seems to pass by at a dramatically increased speed. Some say that the increase in speed is directly proportional to the deadlines one has.
The first timehole was discovered by a young girl in Surrey England named Alice who died of lupus after coming out of the timehole. Timeholes have known to become mobile encapsulting around the office dullard.
I went into Zack's office at 8 am for a five minute meeting, and left at 12:30pm; I fell into a timehole.

How long will you be?
I am not sure I am stuck in a timehole .

Ron wants to see me, but I don't want to go. I don't have any time to go into a timehole.
by Erick March 17, 2005

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Someone who constantly gets their name misspelled by their closest friends; even by the ones who should know better, given that they have even, at one time, asked why his is name is spelled with a redundant 'k'.
Friend: "Do you spell your name with a 'c' or a 'k'?"

Erick: "With both, actually. I'll show you again."

Friend: "Eh? What is that? How do you even pronounce it? ErickKk-kk?"

Erick: "You can just make the 'k' sound once."

Friend: "But how"

Erick: "It's fine. Just call me Eric."

Friend: "Cool, thanks man."
by Erick November 22, 2015

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(Spanish) Meaning Sun and Moon.
Soluna is how you say sun and moon in spanish.
by Erick April 28, 2003

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