A secure, online platform for medical records.
To obtain medical records, please submit a request using the hXe platform.
by hXe.io July 9, 2020
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Because I'm hXe like that. (H.X.E)

by Nick Slater November 29, 2005
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meaning that you do drugs, alcohol, have sex, etc. SxE means you don't
No im HxE not SxE
by TaraHxE February 19, 2009
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Hard-Edge, in contrast to Hardcore (HxC) and Straight Edge (SxE), meaning you party and drink but dont do drugs and make out with everybody.
First time party kid: Wow that party was "HxE"!

Hardcore dude: not for you it wasnt. you didnt get wasted!

First time party kid: *Cries*
by HxE December 13, 2009
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