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pronounced: tsup-chew

shortened version of the sentence: "what's up with you?"
Hey Eddie! What's up?

Eddie: Nothin', tsupchu?
by Erica June 18, 2004
a pork bun is a chinese dim sum food served usually in between lunch and breakfast. It is served in a wooden circular box with a metal holey bottom. The porkbun in chinese is called Chasewbao pronounced (sha-shu-bow) It is a white bun and in the center is BBQued pork that is red. A prokbun looks like Pucca's punching glove and is also Daniel tong's sn! if you are asian you have to know what it is. it is by far the most popular and yummiest dim sum item on the menu!
Erica points at the sticker and asks chantel..is that a PORK BUN?!?! (in a confused voice) and chantel replies..NO thats a PUNCHING GLOVE!!
by Erica April 25, 2005
u c a hot person.. either a mexican or a rican.. but there not quite hot enough to b rican but not quite ugly enough to b mexican (no offense) so u call them a sexy mexy (there are many out there)
the guy jon that works at taco bell.. sexy mexy to the extreme
by Erica November 17, 2004
Man, she let you hit? You a Hog!
by Erica August 23, 2003
a sweet Boston Terrier smile with bucked teeth.
"I love my toofus."
by Erica February 5, 2003
a question, asked of a girl named Erica.
Wherica means: Where is Erica?
Brett: Erica is late.
Elias: Well why don't you call her.

(ring, ring)
Erica: Hello?
Brett: Wherica?
Erica: I'm almost there.
by Erica July 3, 2006
a question, where is erica?
Brett: it's 6 o'clock. wherica?
Elias: idk, why don't you call her.

(ring, ring)
Erica: hello?
Brett: wherica?
Erica: i'm almost there.
by Erica July 1, 2006