81 definition by Erica

a person you own.
Margaret is my bitch-erica
by erica March 11, 2004

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A kiwi and pear that had a fusion and now it is one fruit. :D
(this is a true story)

Once upon a time...
Erica went to a supa market to buy some kiwi.
Then she went home to eat kiwi.
When she eat kiwi and what the heck.
"This kiwi taste like a pear."
It look like kiwi and feel like kiwi.
but it is pear.
"I shall call it the piwi!"


another example is the Zespri Gold.
by Erica November 29, 2004

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to smoke weed
lets burn it.
by erica May 06, 2003

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An internet model, usually a girl next door type, characterized by sporadic-to-frequent photograph updates via an automatic webcam. Generally speaking, the pictures tend to be solo tease or nude shots, with occasional pornography, and some girls do not even get naked. Thus, their audience is generally comprised more of voyeurs than people seeking hard-core pornography. As such, camgirls usually have a blog and at least a minimal website.

Often, camgirls will branch out into other related ventures, including private shows, chat sessions, members-only sites with higher quality media, streaming shows, and the like.

The amateur quality and higher level of viewer/cammer interaction tends to draw mixed reactions. Some find it much more appealing than a more anonymous porn site, while others feel that camgirls take advantage of their admirers for money and gifts.
I just bought a webcam, once my website is up I think that I will become a camgirl.
by Erica October 04, 2004

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1. a school system with money problems, mold problems, and psycho teachers yet it is "one of the best schools in connecticut."
2. friendship
3. see hell
4. the union of three towns where people are either jewish, think they're hicks, or think they're "gangsta."
A-A-A-M-I *clap clap clap clap clap* I-I-I-T-Y *clap clap clap clap clap* A-M-I *clap clap clap* I-T-Y *clap clap clap* amity spartans, cheerleaders can't fuckin' spell!
by erica April 07, 2004

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11th State of the Union the consists of three main parts:

1. New York City - The most well known part of New York is New York City, which, contrary the popular belief is not ONLY Manhatten but also Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island. NYC is one of the most diverse places in the world...If you stand in Times Square for a full day, you will see someone of every nationality. Home of such shows as Rent, Wicked, and The Producers, and just an amazing place to be. NYC doesn't deserve the bad rep it has as it's been cleaned up more then the rest of the world can imagine since the 80's.

2. Long Island - LI is an island directly south of NYC that contains Naussua and Suffolk counties. We're best known for our beaches, drunk teens, and bitchy girls (we're not all bad). Horrbile accents run freely(for you it's Long Island, for us it's Lawn Guyland). DO NOT be mistaken that a an LIer thinks they are a part of NYC. LI is mostly urbanized with some farm land. Alot of the population is rich (Great Neck, Manhasset) , but there are some poorer areas (Hempstead).

3. Upstate- Usually considered anything North of NYC. Upstate tends to be rather rural but can have a crazy party life on weekends. Many people believe that the upstate-ers are intermarried hicks, but this is not the case. Upstate New York is just the same as the rest of NY except a little bit colder and a little less polluted
1. "New York City...Center of the Universe."
2. Long Island- Home to the most potheads in the United States.
3. Upstate - Gorgeous!
by Erica March 14, 2006

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When a guy is short and has an attitude problem because he is bitter at society for looking down on short guys.
Damn, I just got rejected by the bouncer that I was a lot taller than at the bar, he must have had a bad case or little man syndrome.
by Erica April 23, 2004

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