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Parent speak for one of the following definitions:
1)You know, I really don't like your boyfriend at all... but I don't want you to get mad at me.

2)Why aren't you dating that boy? I know you don't like him at all, but I really think that you should date him.
Example 1: When Dani brought home her boyfriend who went by the name "T-Jizzle", all her mother could say was "He's a nice boy..."

Example 2: After Richie, the president of the chess club and algebra team, asked Dani for a date and she declined, all her mother could say was, "Oh Dani. He's such a nice boy!"
by Erica June 17, 2004

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the coolest people on earth
dude: is she asian?

dude2: yea

dude: wow, she must be cool
by erica March 15, 2005

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n. The absolute sweetest girl in the entire world. A zokeedokie always makes everyone smile. Synonyms: kind, pretty, smart, talented and extremely fashionable.
When I am sad, a zokeedokie and the herd of hot guys that follow her because they want her make me feel all better. :)
by Erica December 04, 2003

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to dance wit someone
let rock.
by erica September 03, 2003

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a question, where is erica?
Brett: it's 6 o'clock. wherica?
Elias: idk, why don't you call her.

(ring, ring)
Erica: hello?
Brett: wherica?
Erica: i'm almost there.
by Erica June 30, 2006

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The best guy you will ever meet in your life!
"God, i Wish Koree Brulotte liked me, i love him!"
by Erica December 27, 2004

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A whore. A stupid stupid slut bitch who can't keep her tits in her fucking shirt.
Wow, Ashley nice tits.. you tit skank.
by Erica November 29, 2004

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