81 definition by Erica

When you pretend to be sleeping, but can hear everything going on around you.
I was cortling on the couch and heard katie talking about me.
by Erica January 26, 2004

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One True Pairing. Meaning the your favorite combination of characters in a fandom.
Harry and Hermione are /so/ OTP.
by erica January 29, 2004

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a drinker
get your grimey hands off my tequila you damn potator!
by erica March 24, 2004

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when you get head from a girl, you come in her mouth and then you punch her in the mouth, so her lips swell and come and blood dribble out,resembling a jellydonut.
You hungry? I'll give you a jellydonut.
by erica February 12, 2004

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a deformed penis
Mallory eats smufflepuffs for breakfast
by erica April 23, 2003

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basically a sexually promiscuous girl who bangs everyone who is willing to look her way, usually accosiated with drugs, alcohol and pimps
"ehmagawd, look at the skirt that chick is wearing!"
person 2: "yah, like, i heard she was with joey AND tommy AND zach yesterday in the locker room"
person 1: "ehmagawd, what a skankwad"
by erica October 05, 2004

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1.a dirty word for a female's vagina.

2.also used at an insult
a. "Holy hell woman do you ever wash that cunt of your?"

b. "Bloody hell you fucking, cunt"
by erica March 23, 2005

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