An arrogant, prideful, egoistic, religious person who believes his/her religion is the only true religion. They are deeply religious in their dogma/religion to such an extent they believe that is who they are. They are often times very legalistic and think they are better than others, especially other people who aren't members of their particular religion. People who are religionists are usually the biggest hypocrites.
Religious people are often times religionists due to the effect their religion has had on them over the years.

Jenny is so prideful about her religion, she is such a religionist.

A religionist takes legalism to the extreme.

Most religionists are so blind and arrogant they don't even realize how hypocritical they are.
by ThrasherKOTR October 20, 2011
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Someone who thinks that people worshiping other religions are inherently inferior to one's own. A word similar to "racist" but for religion.
by EpicRawl February 16, 2017
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Girl1: Wow he is hot, but he is jewish
Girl1: nope, im Religionist.

girl2: oh my lord.
by jellooreo1005 January 11, 2017
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someone who is biased against another religion.
I strongly dislike the religionist Christian Right scum who are antisemitic anti-Jewish.
by Cummings December 02, 2006
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you may have heard of racist for race, sexist for sexuality, but let me introduce you into "religionist" for religion.
person 1: "but he's a muslim"
person 2: "stop being so religionist you bastard!"
by gracembradley August 02, 2017
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1: A person who can look at organized religion on the whole and see it is detrimental to the progress of mankind.

2: Someone who believes that religion or the belief in a higher power drives some people to terrible things, and while not all people will go to the same extremes the small amount of comfort given by religion is not worth the pain created by it.

3: A person who bases their life and ideas on fact.
"They must be Anti-religionists, they look so content."
by Killertikisurferdude August 17, 2011
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1)person who is against religion based on the stereotypes of the people of that religion, the view of only one person pertaining to that religion, or someone who won't recognize that not all people of a certain religion hold the same views

2)someone who is obscenely ignorant about religion and chooses to bash it and those who practice it without finding out information about it

3)Lindsay (see all of the above)
"Terry is so stupid! She thinks that George Bush is the model Christian and that all Christians are exactly like him. She doesn't even know any Christians! What a anti-religionist!"
by Alex and Tiffany April 28, 2004
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