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An alternative spelling of the n-word, commonly used by white people as means to avoid getting sh0t in da gh3tto.
Black guy: Ay yo whuddup mah nigga
White guy: Ayy wassup enwurd!
by Encyclopedia Shitannica April 20, 2015
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The name given to a dog whose bobbed tail resembles an erect penis or a dildo. When exited, the dog's tail will rise in the air and wag vigorously. The name was created as a pun/reference to the popular character from J.R.R Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" series and "The Hobbit", Bilbo Baggins.
As soon as Jimmy threw the tennis ball, dildo waggins was galloping majestically, tail wagging like a metronome at 9001 bpm.
by Encyclopedia Shitannica January 27, 2014
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A small blue plastic hammer of approximately 6 inches in length, owned by Mary, used for certain offensive purposes. Unlike Maxwell's famous Silver Hammer, Mary's Plastic Hammer is incapable of killing anyone, or even doing any significant damage. Instead, any individual who is hit on the head with the hammer is immediately turned into a nerd upon impact.
Little Mary had been playing with The Plastic Hammer for an hour or so when she became bored and tossed it behind her back, hitting Maxwell, her older brother, in the head and turning him into a nerd for the rest of his life.
by Encyclopedia Shitannica January 27, 2014
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A white male, typically in his mid 20s, who often doesn't know whats best for himself. He regularly spends unnecessary amounts of money on things he doesn't, and never will need. He may also participate in various activities with strangers, usually in their early teens, in a very pedophilic manner.
In his game of Chivalry, the boy tried to explain to the Tophat Kat that buying 64 GB of RAM was completely unnecessary, and was a waste of money.
by Encyclopedia Shitannica January 7, 2014
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A secret/rare white card from the popular card game Cards Against Humanity. The card can only be found in the lining of the top of "A Bigger Blacker Box", a box designed to store up to 1500 Cards Against Humanity cards. Unlike standard cards, the letters on the card, which read "The biggest blackest dick." are silver and are embossed into the card. The card is the successor to "A bigger blacker dick", the successor to "A big black dick".
Kyle: "Hey Jim, did you hear about the secret Cards Against Humanity card on reddit?"

Jim: "You must be talking about 'The biggest blackest dick.' Yeah I heard."
by Encyclopedia Shitannica January 27, 2014
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Any student of a high school french class who is constantly harassed and ridiculed by the teacher with little to no reason. Typically, the teacher of the class is a large woman in her mid 2,000s, who's physical features are shockingly similar to that of a gorilla. The term translates from french to mean "big baby."
Anthony, a student of immense intelligence, in order to relief an itch he had on each side of his torso, decided to scratch under his arms during his french class. Unfortunately for bright, young Anthony, his actions were misinterpreted as monkey gestures, and he was immediately ridiculed by his zoo-animal-like teacher, who called him "un gros bébé" and took a point off of every little mistake he made on every test from that day on.
by Encyclopedia Shitannica January 27, 2014
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