n. The sexual act of placing one's firmly gripped testicles into the anus of a willing, usually male, other.
Anthony just did a Bilbo Baggins to Justin's freshly prepared hobbit hole.
by JPA4LIFE December 13, 2004
The act of shaving ones pubes onto the floor next to your bed, and then inviting a lady friend into said bed. After vigorous thrusting, upon climax, ejaculate on said lady friends feet. On leaving, her sticky feet will contact your pube laden trap; thus completing the bildo baggins.
"sorry I'm late for work, I got bilbo baggins'd this morning."
by tweedhouseboys February 2, 2014
John, Bob, Chris and Scott had a Bilbo Baggins.
by Froto Baggins October 11, 2008
When receiving oral sex from a dwarf while performing a bowel movement.
I declined going to the after party, I really had to use the restroom and the cute dwarf with the Santa hat offered to give me a Bilbo Baggins.
by Half-Bottle November 27, 2007
A phrase used to indicate approval
That stuff is really great...Bilbo Baggins
by Lalise March 16, 2008
a cigarette, a way for people to disguise the word fag without being found out..

By Izaac && Luke
bilbo baggins for faggins...

ite bruv, coming out for a bilbo..

obviously the term must be known
by SpArKzZ && DeMoNzZ August 19, 2009
To insert one's big toe into another's anus for pleasure purposes.
I was surprised and greatly pleasured when he slipped his big toe into my asshole. I asked what he had just done and all he said was Bilbo Baggins!
by Lilly Lulu May 30, 2017