23 definitions by Elvis

Best damn command in a RP game on Warcraft 3.
n00b: spawn 12 footman
V3tt: omg!!!!
V3tt: spawn 12 archimonde!
by Elvis February 23, 2004
The type of dude that would smoke weed and would steal money from his brother.
This guy smokes weed like Elvis
by Elvis March 15, 2017
fuck it real hard right up the ass like a raging homo with a viagra induced hard on
jam your erect pogo stick deep in the butt mud of pc'ers asses....HARD!
by Elvis April 25, 2005
a group of adolescent males who like to talk improper english and tap themselves vigorously in the chest whilst looking mean and moody. also all have plastic bedsheets
look at wee sid, he's so blazin squad
by Elvis January 29, 2004
"Windows Rot" is the name someone gave the process by which a Windows machine becomes progressively slower the longer you use it and the more software you install on it.
I think I'll have to reinstall XP since the Windows Rot has slowed it down so badly...
by Elvis February 22, 2006
Yo, da xenoizzle was fizzle wit ma nizzle, mad alien ho.
by Elvis July 23, 2003