a metaphor for one's penis, used in the system of a down song "bounce"
i went out on a date, with a girl, a bit late, she had so many friends, i brought my pogo stick, just to show her a trick, she had so many friends.
by udontknowme October 29, 2003
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Sexual Position. Standing 69 where you hold eachother around the waist, woman upside down. Man jumps up and down repeatedly.
I busted out the pogo stick and dropped the bitch on her head.
by The Kid! June 18, 2004
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It is the greatest invention ever.

Also used in the greatest song ever, "Bounce" by SOAD.
John: Hey wanna go pogo?
Sally: Aw NO WAY!? You got a pogo stick?!
by TheUnPedophile January 19, 2009
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A type of bludgeon used for the abuse of harshweeds
He beat the harshweed with a burning pogo stick
by Matt Hayes September 6, 2003
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Similar to the moped (fun to ride but you dont want your friends to see you on it) a pogo stick is a girl or guy so god awful that you bounce on them once then discard them and never play with them again
I picked your mom up at the bar. I hopped on that pogo stick for a couple hours and tossed her out like a parking ticket.
by Craig and Jimmy May 2, 2007
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For exercise, attempting to perform push-ups while sporting an unintentional (or intentional) erection, often while wearing loose gym shorts.
My PT test was yesterday, and I lost 10 points on push-ups because I was pogo sticking.
by joedink January 21, 2014
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-A variation of the mic-check where you tap the PNRZ against the foreheads of various women in succession, often at a comically high speed.
"Man, I was pogo-sticking random females like a porn star last night, dude."
by Batrastard July 2, 2003
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