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To be defeated in any kind of competitive situation.
I thought that I would win the race, but I got outcompeted by some guy who turned in a 4:00 minute mile.

John Kerry would have been a good president, but he got outcompeted.
by Elipsis July 20, 2005
An experiment which is expected to fail disastrously.

The original trucksperiment involved jumping in the back of a truck and rolling it down a steep hill, but the word has since come to reference any such experiment that is expected to go badly.
"Lets see if my snake gets along with your pet rabbit, it'll be a trucksperiment."

"I'm doing a trucksperiment to see how drunk I can get off of this rubbing alcohol."
by Elipsis December 26, 2006
(verb) To use one's body (in as many pieces as necessary) to clear a tactical area of explosives so that one's compatriot ninjas may succeed in their mission.
Could you three scravenge out that minefield so I can get to the exit for this level?
by Elipsis March 6, 2008
Acronym for "Actually At Keyboard" It is a parody and counterpart to AFK - "Away from Keyboard."
"Hey, are you AFK?"
"No, I'm AAK."


"On many IRC channels, there are more people AFK than are AAK."


"The game needs a mechanic which makes AFK macroing very risky, but poses little danger to the AAK players doing the same thing."

by Elipsis September 11, 2007
(verb) - To play the video game Strider (noun). Specifically, to speedrun the console version of the game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

(noun) - A 2D platformer released by Capcom in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
(verb) - I learned to Strider by watching someone else do it on Twitch.

(noun) - I found a copy of Strider for sale at The Exchange, do you want me to pick it up for you?
by Elipsis April 5, 2018
The verbal translation of the commonly used online notation "<3"

Originally used to show that electronic expressions of love are not to be taken seriously, but is now commonly used where you would say "love" or "heart" in speech.
"My girlfriend won't stop sending me text messages that say 'I scissors you.'"

"We should go get some pizza, I scissors pizza."
by Elipsis June 25, 2005