Asleep At Keyboard. Based on the initialism AFK (away from keyboard). Generally used in the context of people who would rather chat and play MMORPGs than get a good night's sleep (and end up with neither). Not advised with webcams or IRL... or OL (...or offline).

Can also mean Actually At Keyboard.
1: And I thought screw it that's it there's no point.
2: (zzz...)
1: well? ... hello?
2: ... huh? ... uh sorry I was out of it.
1: AAK again...


I have a keyboard pattern embedded into my forehead, waffle iron style.
by DUotdnes December 13, 2007
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Acronym for "Actually At Keyboard" It is a parody and counterpart to AFK - "Away from Keyboard."
"Hey, are you AFK?"
"No, I'm AAK."


"On many IRC channels, there are more people AFK than are AAK."


"The game needs a mechanic which makes AFK macroing very risky, but poses little danger to the AAK players doing the same thing."

by Elipsis September 11, 2007
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The sound someone makes when they suddenly choke, while attempting to talk with their mouth full. Usually this is accompanied by crumbs on the culprits shirt.
“Oh Robin Baumgartin, fuck yeah! I’d love to fuckin AAK, cough, cough fuckin suck on those big fat titties of hers!
by Lizardpersonnamedhillary March 23, 2018
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The pained sound a person makes while falling down
"Aak" she cried out as she tripped over her own laces
by Kittyow August 7, 2017
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A parody account on Twitter having huge fan following made for criticising the ruling government which sometimes become nightmare for current BJP government. Their daily routine includes Bhakto ki pelai and bhakto ke pelai.
Aak Thu is seen protesting against Twitter for suspending his account many times.

Aak Thu 's tweets are also seen in national news many times.
by UBDY March 16, 2021
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